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Gnosis (GNO) is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform that is built on top of the Ethereum network.

Gnosis Olympia

Gnosis Olympia, the alpha version of their prediction market platform, provides participants with a playful environment to try out trading in prediction markets and win GNO tokens, Gnosis' cryptocurrency, as a reward for successful predictions. At the start of the tournament, participants will be issued a balance of 200 OLY tokens, Olympia's official play-money token, which they can then use to make predictions on various topics. Every two days, they'll get a top-up of new OLY tokens allowing them to trade on new markets and climb up the scoreboard. The more profits players make from correctly predicted events, the more GNO tokens they win. For developers aspiring to build dApps on top of our platform, Olympia should serve as both a test environment and an inspiration for what's possible to create with Gnosis.

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