Altcoin Wiki:About

Altcoin Wiki was created in 2018 by MisterCrypto with the goal to be one of the main sources of information on cryptocurrency on the internet. While Wikipedia hosts some excellent pages on 5-star cryptocurrencies like: Bitcoin and Ethereum, but thats as far as they go. There has never been a true source of information that lists thousands of cryptocurrencies, and gives information only backed by facts. It’s get overwhelming trying to figure out which altcoin to back, especially with countless scams and pump and dump schemes. That’s why we want to be a community built database to help you make educational choices. Altcoin Wiki currently hosts 549 pages that discusses over 500 different cryptocurrencies.

Anybody, including you, can be a part of Altcoin Wiki’s history and community. We only grow because of dedicated community members that continually update our articles with excellent information, and help protect articles from spam and misinformation. We thank you all for that!