Dent (DENT) or DENT Wireless LTD’, is a blockchain company based in Hong Kong and was founded in 2014. DENT’s mission is to tokenize, liberate, and democratize one the most important commodities in our time: mobile data and bandwidth. Dent is developing mobile apps and a marketplace using Blockchain technology for buying and selling of mobile data packages, which can be direct telco products, or originating from users that sell unused mobile data packages to each other.


Key Points

1. Launching Android App in Q1 2018 with feature parity with the iOS App
Adding the Android app after launching the iOS app in December 2017 is the key scaling factor of the DENT business. As our goal is to provide the easiest way to buy and remit data , we need to target the market with the most prepaid phones: The developing world with billions of prepaid users. As Android is 90%+ on those markets, the upcoming version is key for scaling.
2. Earning DENT tokens or data rewards when watching ads will make users to use the app regularly’
Data rewards and sponsoring will make it easy for users to “earn” data while they are watching ads on the DENT apps. An example- Nike will pay the user 100MB as a reward for watching their new advertising campaign. Directly after the video has been watched, the user receives an SMS which confirms the topup of 100MB to his phone account. In this case, Nike will also pay DENT a fee for publishing the content. Also, for ads that dont have data reward associated to them, DENT Wireless can grant DENT tokens to the user for app installations or clicks, registrations on the advertiser’s site etc. DENT Wireless will receive a payment from the advertiser ans gives part of it back to the user.
3. Adding world-wide prepaid SIM card top-ups to DENT offering to fully cover the need of prepaid customers.
DENT Wireless is currently examining the possibility to top-up pre-paid SIM cards and to enable the user to pay with DENT. This way, a user can remit for example $10 value to his relatives in another country and pay with DENT. Easy user experience will be key for this.
4. Adding more countries and more operators for the mobile data offering
For the mobile data offering, DENT will launch India, Brazil, Korea and other key markets to grow the user base significantly in 2018.
5. Target: 1 Million registered users in mid 2018, DENT becoming one of the most used blockchain applications counted by the number of users.
DENT is targeting to reach the first 1 million registered customers mid 2018, and grow rapidly from there to tens of millions in 2019. Our target is to make DENT one of the most used blockchain applications in the world, counted by the user number.
6. Launching DENT Exchange Webapp to open up trading in Q2 2018
DENT Exchange trading desk on the Web will be the first version of the data trading platform, which will enable selling and buying of data packages purchased with DENT.
7. Strategic negotiations with Telcos for close cooperations ongoing thru 2018.
To enable the selling of the unused data for the users in our mid-and long term roadmap, DENT team will continue to negotiate deals with telcos, and is targeting to launch pilot projects with “attack telcos” in late 2018. The DENT team is also negotiating with market participants and plans to pilot the automatic data purchase features and ideas for IoT devices, where DENT Exchange could be used as a spot market trading desk for IoT data. Discussions with Telcos about how to disrupt roaming are also ongoing thru 2018.

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